Shadows of Gaea

Hot in the city

After gathering up some uniforms from the guards that we dispatched the group decided it was best if we moved out of the area. We then thought it best to buy some clothes and supplies if we were to blend in with the locals. After picking up the supplies we then saw a small shack that had the smell of food coming from it. After stepping in and grabbing some grub Thumbs was caught by a masked man sitting by himself at a table in the corner. Upon closer inspection we noticed that the man had an insignia of the Pathfinders. The man removed his mask and we were shocked to see Grim, Woodland Protector. Fenrir saw this and bolted out the door. Grim noticed this and wanted to follow but first had to give us an update. We needed to find Siserin who hasn’t been seen in about 5 days. He also told us we need to request an audience with the Pharaoh to request help with this darkness.

We next decided to head to the Thieves district to find Grandmother (Morrigan) of the pin-prick guild. She is our contact and may help us in our quest.

After an odd attempt to cross into the Thieves district we realize that we were not as successful as we had hoped. It seemed as though we may make it, Lorth disguised himself as a local merchant and Gruudash and I tried to appear to be his guards (We’re guards!!!). Thorus was the pencil pusher that does the accounting for Lorth. Poor Kiedro got stuck pretending to be the slave and Lecadre did his usual shape change and took the form of a dog. Some dragonborn guards found us to be a little suspicious and decided to follow us. After trying to lose them in the alleys we decided there really was no where to hide so Lecarde and I decided to hide in a doorway while the rest stopped so that we could try and talk our way out of it. After trying to tax us for 1,000g to pass unmolested we decided to save our cash and fight our way out.

After getting flanked we fought our way out and was able to dispatch the guards to the surprise of the crowd. After a quick search we discovered 208g and a Battle Harness +2 (3100xp).



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