Shadows of Gaea

Orcs and Crazy Cat Ladies

Kiedro and Thorus speak with some of the townsfolk fleeing the Orcs, saying we would take care of the Orcs, and asking if we could get some papers helping to give us some legitimacy within the city. They said they should be able to work something out if the guard captain is around.

We finish bandaging our wounds and finish climing the stairs, after readying ourselves for the encounter ahead.

When we approach the top, we see two Orc brothers, with wicked crosbow/sword combinations. They appear ready for us, and they address us saying they were hoping we’d make it past the “grunts”

I tell ,them how it was obvious the “grunts were trained by these two, as easilly as they fell.” They say they will be sure to tell the commander we are still alive, after they kill our comrades.

The first backs up a couple stairs and fires a massive bolt into the crowd, missing Lecarde.

Lecarde moves up and disappears. Vines sprout up around the other sargeant, entangling him in in the vines, following up with his firehawk on him, missing with this attack.

He then fires at Kiedro, missing wildly, getting out of the vines restraining him. I then charge the other orc, slamming my shield into him, which sends him sprawling agains the railing, falling onto the floor.

Fenrir moves into position, and Kiedro charges the one I knocked down, burying his axe into him, with a viscious attack.

Lorthandrial fails to goad the orc in the vines to move where he wishes. As several hyenas charge at us from within the shaded huts, attacking me and Kiedro.

Another orc emerges from the hut, he appears to be a taskmaster, based on the flail and whips he carries, goes out and attacks Kiedro from behind, hitting him with a near cripling attack.

The orc who I knocked prone, stands up and attacks Kiedro, hitting him, and healing himself in the process. Thorus helps soften the attack on Kiedro, so he doesn’t look quite so close to death.

Lecarde blasts the group of us, hitting dealing a large amount of damage to all of the hyenas. I then move for better position, and pull them into me, finishing a couple hyenas and then I follow up on the newly bloodied beast master and finish him with my comeback strike, healing myself in the process.

Fenrir attempts the same manuver, only hitting one of the hyenas. Kiedro then attacks the orc, taking an attack from the hyena.

Lorthandrial pulls the other orc back into the vine zone created by Lecarde, and heals Kiedro.

The hyenas and the task master dies to Fenrir’s blows as he attempts an action. Thorus moves up and casts his magic weapon, hitting nd giving the bonuses to me and Fenrir.

The headband guy shifts around Kiedro, hitting him three times. Thankfully Kiedro had steeled himself against any possible incoming damage, softening each blow.

Lecarde shifts and charges the Orc within his zone of vines, grasping onto him. The orc he attacked calls forth some more hyenas, who surround and attack Lecarde, rending into his flesh, and the orc in the vines also lays into Lecarde, healing himself.

I charge one of the hyena’s knockin him into the vines, shifting in I then knock him down. A new task master comes out and bloodies me with an attack.

Fenrir then lures the bandanaed orc in, hitting him with solid blow, follows him up with another footwork lure, missing this time.

Kiedro tries to reinvigorate himself with another attack on the orc Fenrir is focusing on, dropping him. Kiedro charges one of the hyenas attacking him twice, the first was a mean strike cutting him in half, with the second strike finishing him off.

Lorthandrial heals me, and crits the orc in the vines, also healing Lecarde. Thorus moves his punishing eye, and heals Kiedro, and misses the hyena with his magic weapon attack.

Lecarde tries to gnaw on the orc he was on, who deflects the attack, and Lecarde then summons forth a mass of pure darkness.

A couple of the hyenas attack me and Kiedro hitting both of us. The orc Lecarde was on, moves out of the darkness and attacks Thorus, sinking a crossbow bolt into his soft flesh.

The task master counters my attack, and shifts away, which I smash him, shoving him into the darkenss and follow him. He then shifts within the darkness and hits Lecarde, bloodying him severely.

Fenrir moves up to the orc who had moved out of the darkness, missing him, and he counter attacks Fenrir, hitting him. At this time he notices his brother was killed, so urges the eagles to flee and warn the captain of his death.

Kiedro charges him, leaving a large gash on his chest, bloodying him.

The beast master calls out a couple more hyenas, who rush out and start chewing on Thorus.

Lorthandrial pulls him closer with his punishing words, and then blasts him again, pulling him through the vine zone, leaving him just inside the darkness. Thorus then attacks him with a burst attack from outside the darkness, giving Lecarde some addtional temporary health, and giving him a burst of adrenaline.

Lecard moves and shoots his thorns into the group of orcs and hyenas, hitting all but the last remaining brother, and shifts back into his true form.

Two of the hyenas then go after Lecard, each hitting him. The remaining brother than shifts around me, hitting me twice, finally shifting next to Lecarde, who shoves him away, preventing the attack, he then shoots Lecarde dropping him to near death.

Fenrir moves up killing the taskmaster, but missing the last remaining orc. He then uses the belt he borrowed from Kiedro to heal Lecarde, bringing him back from the brink of death. The hyenas chew further on Thorus.

Lorthandrial killed one of the hyenas with hi crossbow. Thorus pulls out his dagger, and misses one of the hyenas on him, while th other nips at his heals, bringing him closer to death, he then wisely decides to heal himself.

Lecarde then stands and misses the last orc, who attempts to strike him back, but is cut down by Fenrir before he can complete the attack. I try throwing a dagger at the little orc climbing on the last bird, but I miss him.

Fenrir moves up and attacks two of the remaining hyenas, hitting one of them, but missing the other.

The last little orc gets away on the bird, since Kiedro was unable to finish him off while he was sitting on the back of the bird.

Lorthandril finishes one of the hyenas, Thorus finishes a second, so there is only one left. Lecarde and I smash the last remaining hyena.

3350 exp
Healer’s Broach +2

We spend a little time searching and healing before heading off to meet with Grandma. The two guards come back with the papers they promised, but note we are wanted by the guard and he doesn’t know how much the papers will help while we are still wanted.

Fenrir and Thorus try to leisurely walk across the street, drawing some attention from some of the Dragonborn guards, while Lorthandrial moves around and asks the group of halflings to distract the guards so the party can cross.

The guards move to intercept Fenrir and Thorus, Fenrir then trips Thorus, sending him sprawling. At this point the halfling barrel into the back of the guards knees, knocking them down, as we then sprint past them. Thorus ends up coming back and brings the guards on us, so we break off into a dead run trying to get away from them. we were able easily outpace the guards.

We come upon a couple halflings and ask them take us to Grandma. They blindfold us, and we take a mine cart through several twists and turns before finally arriving at a door, from which we get a strong sent of cat piss and shit.

We enter the door, seeing the room full of cats, and Grandma sitting behind a massive wooden desk. She then asks Lorthandril what brought him back to the city.

Grandma offers information on Siserin in exchange for assistance with another guild hitting her merchants when they are on their way to pay their ‘respects to her.’ She also mentions to us that, if we complete this task for her, she can try to find some items we may be wanting to purchase, and give us a bit of a discount.

We go to help catch whoever is jumping Grandma’s merchants5. On the way we are invited into several tavers by people who want to have a drink with us for our killing of the dragonborn guards. Thorus tells one of them we are going to kill some more guards, which sends one into the tavern excitedly proclaiming our intetion to other drinkers.

Ahead we see the merchant, being harrassed by some brigands, and off to the side, Carver calls us over, and warns us to not be too trusting of Grandma. He asks us to meet him tomorow night by the river, as he may have a way for us to get on the good side with the Pharoh.

Fenrir 85 5
Gruudash 81 9
Kiedro 61 all
Lecarde 60 5
Lorthandril 62 5
Thorus 63 all



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