Shadows of Gaea

Some Unexpected Vengence

The corpse’ were strewn about the square, theirs & ours. Thorus was tending to Kiedro as the rest of us quickly went through the pockets of the guards laying there. The crowd began to slowly close in on us, some cheering others scowling at what we have done. As this happened Fenrir made the unfortunate decision to try to get the rest of the crowd on our side.

Thinking quickly I stepped to the fore & raised my hands to get the attention of the crowd, ‘Good people of the thieves quarter, how often have you had your ‘lawfully’ earned money taken by these thieving dragonborn scum? Taking the needed nourishment from your women & children? Leaving them to suffer the pangs of hunger? They sought nothing but a fight, how many good citizens carry 1000 gold on themselves at any time? Obviously they sought an easy mark to roll to suppliment their pay, allowing them to live in the lap of luxury while you good people suffer in the streets. I think it’s only fair that the ill gotten gains of this crew of brigands be returned to the people they stole it from.’ With that I moved over to the corpse of the guard captain & began to throw gold into the air & at the crowd. (-150 gold)

As we began to make our way through the press of bodies trying to get the gold we were approached by what at first looked to be two dirty children, but at closer examination they were Halflings dressed up to look like children. ‘Quickly’ they said ‘ follow us, we’ll take you to grandmother’. As we ran through the maze of back ally ways we quickly became lost in the jumble. Running past an alchemical building Grudash & Spencer came to an abrupt halt, they both had a quizzical look on their face as if they heard something, but couldn’t place it. When Grudash looked into the back door he saw an old orc woman speaking to the proprietor of the ‘Leaking Caldron’. Thorus; eyes immediately got large & he began to rub his hands in delight.

Quickly forming a plan Grudash moved around to the front door while Thorus went in through the back as if he was a customer to get a closer look & do some shopping. As he took a once over at her & her items he noticed several vials that appeared to be of the same black goo we’ve encountered before. She tried to make her way out of the store, but stopped at the front door when she started to sniff the air, ‘You have the stink of slave on you, it’s a smell I know well’. At this moment Grudash burst in the front door & charged her, he took massive swing at her neck, but his rage at her caused him miss. At the same moment Spencer shot an arrow into her spine causing her to collapse to the ground. While Grudash & Spencer wrapped her in a few bags to hide her Thorus went to the proprietor & gathered the list of items she was looking for while he paid him off for his silence.

Back in the ally the Halflings quickly took us to an abandoned & down into a cellar where we were able to question our captive. Grudash attempted to get some information from her by pulling a tooth, but she seemed to almost relish the pain. However when Thorus brought a vial of the black liquid over to her and wondered aloud at what this would do to her, she had a look of fear cross her face. Only when Thorus threatened to poor the liquid in her wound did she break & give us information on her party in the city. We gathered that Krun & Bhan were hear with a slaving band dropping off their latest catch. Both Grudash & Spencer shared a look that could only promise death to anyone that stood in their way of getting to these two. With a bit more interrogation we found that they were going to get eagle rides back to the Great Woods shortly. Thorus found out that she got her black vials from a group of elves & humans that were paying for her experiments on her captives.

After a brief discussion if we should go to Grandma or the Fighting Quarter, Grudash & Spencer made it clear they are going for revenge weather we join them or not. I wrote a brief note to Grandma explaining our absence & gave it to the Halflings to deliver. They in return gave us quick route to get to the shortest route to our quarry. When we got the roadway there was an old man trying to load a cart with large clay jugs. Lecarde offered our assistance in loading & unloading the cart, seeing how large it was we decided to load the cart & hide in the back to make our way across. Fenrir, Grudash, Kiedro, & I all successfully loaded our jugs while Thorus & Spencer managed to break theirs. Once across we quickly unloaded the cart & made our way through the back allys to the flight grounds. Once there we saw the two brothers on a flight pad about 30 feet above us reading a scroll. They looked down at us & invited us up to ‘talk about it’ as they moved further back into the flight complex we looked around & saw several of their orc minions drawing their swords & moving toward us.

As far as fighting grounds go I could hope for better grounds, the rope bridges looked to be fairly encumbering. Neither of the routes looked very promising & per our usual want we immediately split up to make our way on both sides. Grudash & Lecarde opened our salvo by charging charging up to the left. One of their ranged threw a smoke pot of some sort at Lecarde leaving a cloud of some sort. Kiedro knocked prone the orc Grudash attacked as he entered one of his rages. Thorus followed up on the same one with his new crossbow as he stepped out of Kiedro’s armor. I attempted to pull the caster off of his perch that Lecarde had attacked earlier, while I did hit him, he was knocked down, but not off his perch to the ground. Fenrir went aid Lecarde while I was left in the middle to cover both sides. Another of their artillery threw a ball of sticky glue slowing both Kiedro & Thorus, while Grudash managed to dodge the splash, however he did follow this up with a vial of acid to Kiedro’s face splashing on all of those around him. After taking more range damage Thorus healed Grudash, Kiedro, & Spencer giving Grudash what can only be called an overpowered bit of health.

Lecarde shifted to his wolf form & struck an orc that had fallen at Fenrir’s feet in an attempt to charge him, it seemed to keep him pinned to the ground. We traded a few more shots in which Fenrir & Lecarde were weakened & Lecarde was bloodied. Kiedro charged back across the field to assist Lecarde, taking an opportunity attack that inflicted damage, however Grudash was also able to attack the attacker knocking him prone also. Kiedro’s charge across the field successfully knocked the other orc prone. Thorus followed Kiedro by again walking out of his armor & & attacked one of the artillery granting Kiedro, Fenrir & Lecarde his ‘magic weapon’. I was able to pull one of the artillery down from his perch to the ground causing him to fall prone & taking some extra damage & bloodying him in the process. Fenrir was able to cleave both of the orcs on the ground before him, but it was greatly reduced as he was slill weakened from an attack he had taken earlier, but after his attacks he was able to shrug it off. Seeing that several of our fighters were bunched up again another of the artillery threw his glue & stink bombs hitting Fenrir, Kiedro, Thorus, & Lecarde. The last of the artillery struck Thorus with a vial of acid dropping him to the ground. Lecarde pushed the orc by him away shifted back & disappeared. After having another orc fall at is feet from a failed charge Kiedro healed Thorus allowing Thorus to heal Kiedro in return, while he did manage to make a critical hit on the artillery I had pulled down. I healed Lecarde & moved in to help Grudash finish off his his target, but I wasn’t to hit him.

Fenrir pulled out all of the stops & critically struck both of the orcs at his feet bloodying them both & followed it up with another strike that finished one of them off, but not the other, however it was hanging on by a thin thread. After another stink bomb was thrown at the group the last of the artillery missed Thorus with his vial of acid. Lecarde made his reappearance & moved out of the cloud of stink. An artillery hit Kiedro with acid & the splash nearly killed Thorus, but he managed to hang on by a thread. Fenrir was knocked off his feet by an attack, but Kiedro finished him off with an overhand chop the the head. I expended my last heal on Fenrir & managed to hit the orc in front of Grudash reducing his defenses. After another round of artillery bombardments Grudash struck the orc in front of the two of us & moved himself into combat advantage. Kiedro jumped the fence to start his charge on the artillery on the ground which Thorus continued to pound from afar with his crossbow. I was able to finish off the orc in front of me & moved after the orc who has been throwing his axes at us.

Fenrir continued his slow charge around to the right & Lecarde followed shifting into wolf form & charged the orc fleeing from Fenrir, knocking him prone & immobilizing him. Kiedro was again slowed by the artillery he was trying catch-up to, however Thorus finished him off with his crossbow. I pulled the axe thrower back to Grudash & I, inflicting some minor damage & positioning him to give Grudash & I advantage on him. The orc Lecarde had grabbed onto managed to push him away & crawled off, but failed to hit him in return. After a few ranged bombardments that slowed Grudash & I he & I finished off the axe thrower between us. Thorus, Fenrir, & Lecarde continued to chase after the axe thrower crawling away from them, causing mimimal damage until Fenrir drew him in & struck him. Kiedro started to slowly make his way over to the wall to climb up after the artillery that has been throwing glue bombs & acid at us. After another round of chasing the remaining artillery toward the top of the flight towers the fire-hawks of Lecarde finished off one of the artillery & the last axe thrower we kept next to Fenrir. Grudash slowly continued to make his way with me toward the last bomb thrower who continued to try to shift away, however Thorus, Lecarde & I finished him off with a combination ranged attacks that finished him off before he could make it to a mount. Fenrir then finished off the last axe thrower before us. A quick search of them found 900 gold (2550 xp).

Lecarde 1 15hp
Lorthandrial 3 32hp
Thorus 4 16hp
Spenser 5 56hp
Kiedro 8 42hp
Gruudash 3 73hp
Fenrir 2 60hp

Norfire 2 fullhp
Kildrak 1 56hp
Mylus 1 full hp
Solendiar full
Talon 1 155hp



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