Shadows of Gaea

Surviving the Desert, Part 1

Points gained: 3

_Through the eyes of Kiedro: _

Six days we travel on the back of the beast, living off the blood and flesh of the behemoth. Quicker now the festering wound seams to be effecting it. Nothing but sand to see and I wonder if this monster will take us to our graves along with it. We unfortunately are not the only ones that taken notice of weakening state of our transportation. Something else wishes to taste the rotting flesh of the behemoth. Sand worm have taken up the sent of this dieing animal and lay in wait for an opportune moment to strike.

They didn’t wait for the behemoth to fall before they struck, and we are robed of at least half a days travel. I should be thankful though, as they were busy subduing the beast they paid no mind of us. We made it off with no injuries. Now what food and water we are to have will be what we can find in this almost lifeless place.

The heat of the day is horrid, I can only imagine how it might feel without this peace of cold steal at my back. Can’t understand how I forgot to do it the second day, like god taking a piss over this land my mind must have been somewhere else. Thinking of other ways to keep out of the sun in the day and warmer during the night, I re-leave Al-ahuk of his turban. He laughs as I taunt him about his son dieing before him, and mutters something about a curse and how it would transfer to me if I let him die out here. I kind of want to kill him just to see……..haha Lacard killed his son. I think he needs a new curse anyway. Just as Lacard and myself are going over the pros and cons of killing him the band pipes in with his logic and we have to abandon that idea.

We use our skills together to bring what rations we can find. Well I don’t but it gives some of the crew something to do. We start walking during dusk and into the night to try and keep the sun off our backs, finding shelter during the day. I can’t help but feel that my rage is starting to get the better of me. Not just now and not just in this place. I fear what I saw in that portal is true and I am slowly becoming a monster. But fear is a bad word for it. Deep down becoming this monster is what is driving me to survive. Embracing the monster within…………I better get to kill something soon.

Buzzard have given us away to some local pirates called the Mumuke. Al-ahuk seems to think they are a terrible force to be recon with. Oh goodie. They ride 6 legged camels, coming to inspect is a rider about 3 times during today. Our shifter friend made the a fortunate mistake of appearing weak. Opps. They just might attack too soon. We walk through the night and come face to face with them in the morning. Mmmmm breakfast is served. We did try to spare the camels but they didn’t make it. After a bite to eat and a little rest we will sort through what is left of them, and find if they have left use anything of use.

…………………..Its a pity I made them all piss the pants, make the meat taste bad.



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