Shadows of Gaea

What a long strange trip it's been.

A mile away from civilization, and we may as well be a hundred.  I know I’m not very well traveled, but what city of this size is so hostile to travelers, and what do they have to worry about out here in the middle of nowhere, that they have to surround this massive city, with two rings of towers, none being further than 150 feet apart, all manned with guards patrolling between each tower, and all within 200 feet of the city walls.
What we figure out, after some discussion between Fenris, Lecarde and myself, is we want to sneak by the guard towers at night, but then attempt to enter the city during the day, so as the gate guards will be much more hostile during the night.  I recommended we have Lecarde call on the spirits to help him make a campsite, to hide us from the guards during the night.
The plan we decided on, was to first use the onyx dog to maul a guard, then we’ll have the large oil explosion, which was set-off by a slow burning fuse, then we would have thumbs take one remaining flask, with a fuse to blow up next to one of the towers, using the resulting confusion to slip through, to the city walls.
Of course Thorus fucks up making the bombs, and they don’t go off, so we plant our dicks in the dirt, hoping they don’t see us.  Just before they get to us, a huge explosion lights up the sky, and we make a dash closer, and Lecarde takes off with Thumbs, to setup the small bomb near the final tower.
We proceed to bury ourselves in the sand, as Lecarde makes the campsite.  Kiedro catches the attention of a guard momentarily, before he continues on his patrol, not noticing enough to warrant his investigation.
As day comes, we decide to enter the city, before the guard towers get a fresh set of guards.
Fenris tries to force himself on them, saying he is trying to gain entrance to find work as a warrior within the city, which pisses them off, as they don’t appreciate him trying to intimidate them, the townsman who was outside, helps him, by passing it as a joke, then Thorus steps in, asking the guards to excuse him as being a stupid oaf, taking them a little off edge.  
Lecarde tells them how he was sent to search for some cactus that is used for healing and sustaining some person he knows within the city, who the guard informs him, has been dead for 7 years.  While trying to come up with a reason why he has been gone for over 7 years, Thorus pipes in again, about how he joined up with him finding alchemical items, showing them his samples.
They then question Kiedro, who say he is going to be a bouncer, and he proceeds to pick up Fenris, who punches him in the ear, as he drops him on the ground behind him.
I then try convincing them I am a bodyguard for Thorus, since he needs one the way he keeps butting into everyone’s business.  I try to show them my strength by opening myself to them giving them free shot, when Fenris blindsides me, knocking me to the ground, causing them to laugh some more.  I then show them my skill with a blade, by giving Fenris a close shave with my sword, nicking him very slightly, but no more than he would if he ever tried to shave himself.
Thorus, after overhearing the guards that they will make a commission off turning the slavers onto us, tells them, if they want their commission, tell their contacts that we will be staying at the inn closest to the entrance, and they can try to take us from there.  The townsman, says he will keep an eye on us, to make sure we don’t leave the inn, which prompts them to let us in.
We then follow him into the city.  (2100 exp)
This is a massive city, I have never seen anything like this, the main road is huge, almost 50 yards wide, and packed with more of these people, all appear to be the same race, those native to this desert. There is a large statue of some sort of warrior, wearing full battle garb, covered with robes and a giant mask, looking like the head of a tiger, made of gold. This is another type of guard it appears, we had previously seen the guards with the head of and vulture and a jackal, being the high guard and the low guard. We see a high guard leading a troop of guards down the road, as we quickly move to the merchant, waving us over.

We then follow him down this side street, and into a run-down building. So-far he has been helpful, hopefully that doesn’t change now. After we enter, he takes off his veil, and reveals himself to be a half-elf, giving the name of carver. He says he has been here for 6 or 7 years now, and proceeds to instruct us on how we need to change our appearance to try blending in, or we will be enslaved.

He proceeds to tell us how the city is run by the pharaoh, who rules with an iron fist. He asks us what we are doing here, but we are still a little leery, wanting to know more about him before we give him too much information.

He tells us how he took over his father’s business as a map maker, making maps of different cities, and he has been stuck here since arriving, due to muggings, and he has since needed to change his business, becoming a gatherer, of materials and information for some of the less reputable people within the city.

We offer to exchange him some of our maps, for a map of the city from him. He leads us upstairs, and gives us a map of the city, telling us if we need to find him, we can try reaching him in the Thieves district, near the common watering whole. We then ask him where we can get some clothing to try blending in, it is just at that moment that we hear some shouting outside, and guards burst in through the door, indicating they were looking for us, as they attempt to capture us.

One of the guards is wielding a nasty spike tipped spear, another in robes has a large scythe, and the other two have two katars each.

They manage to get a bit of a jump on us, though the appear to be waiting for something, I don’t know if it is us, or the caster with them.

Fenris starts off throwing his hand-ax at them, but he’s not quite accurate with his throw. Lecarde attacks the caster, hitting him. Kiedro then proceeds to jump off the edge, falling on the ground, and missing one of the katar wielding guards. The red cloaked guy then delays, and I move down stairs, charging the caster, missing with my shield bash. The caster teleports away, getting knocked down by Lecarde’s spell effect, and tries to blast me with a sphere of black flame, hitting me with the attack, shrouding me in gloom.

Thorus conjures up his punishing eye, and misses with his crossbow. The spear wielder moves up to me, and starts spinning his spear, and shifting across the room, missing me, and hitting Kiedro as he attacks his way across the room. Kiedro is then attacked by the guard next to him, who easily sinks his katars into his rocky side, Thorus helping using his magic to shield him, and strengthen him after the attack. Fenris moves downstairs positioning himself next to two of the guards.

Lecarde vanishes, and attacks the two guards next to Fenris, hitting the one next to Kiedro. Kiedro drags his ass up from the floor, and charging the caster, laying into him with a wicked blow.

The guard in red then opens up on Fenris, and I move round the guard by me, and pull 3 of them next to me, but miss with all of my attacks. The caster then stands and hits me with his scythe, shrouding me in darkness again.

Thorus heals Kiedro, and hits one of the guards with his magic weapon.

The spear guy then hits all 3 of us on the floor, as he shifts his way across the room again, spinning his spear. One one of the guards, says something making his katar glow, and hits me, causing my muscles to nearly lockup. Fenris then pulls them all in, and unleashes two viscous attacks, killing the caster, and bloodying the remaining guards.

Lecarde blasts the area with another one of his powers, and proceeds to attack again, killing all but the spear wielding guard. I throw a dagger at the spear guard, and gain the ability to move again. Thorus heals me, and removes the gloom. 3 more guards enter the room, from the other side and engage us.

The newly arrived dual wielder moves into the room, as the original spear wielder, spins his spear again, and shifts to the bottom of the stairs, landing a solid hit on me, and hitting Kiedro as well. He then heads up the stairs trying to get to Thous and Lecarde.

Fenris intercepts the new guards, missing the katar wielding guard, though missing him.

Lecarde grows bark over his skin, shifts into a wolf and charges the guard that is trying to get to him and Thorus, pouncing on him, ripping out his throat, making him fall lifelessly down the stairs.

Kiedro charges up next to Fenris, hitting the twin bladed guard solidly. The new caster then shoots a magical net at me, restraining me and obscuring my vision.

The new spear man shifts through the group engaging them, and hits Fenris. Fenris is then hit and restrained by the dual wielder, who then teleports away. Fenris then misses badly with his hand ax

Lecarde moves to the edge of the upstairs, and attacks the caster and spear man, hitting the mage, but missing the spear man, who Kiedro then tries to attack, sinking his ax into him with a wicked blow. The mage then casts his net at Lecarde, missing him, then falls prone behind the crates.

I gather myself, and manage to get out of the magical net that was restraining me. The spear man then eats an attack from Fenris as he shifts past him, trying to attack all 3 of us, scoring a sound strike on Kiedro, and hitting Fenris slightly, bloodying Kiedro. Thorus then proceeds to miss the dual wielder with another attack, who then comes up to attack me, but I am able to fend off both attacks.

Kiedro bolsters himself with his next attack, dropping the spear man, and quickly charges the guard on me, hitting him with a decent attack, bolstering himself further. The caster then catches Kiedro in his magical net.

I lay into the dual wielder with two decent attacks, landing both of them, bloodying him. Who returns fire on both me and Kiedro, hitting us both. Fenris tosses his ax at the mage again, bouncing it off of a crate, missing him again, and is still unable to get out of the magical net holding him.

Lecarde shrouds himself in darkness, and attacks the mage, hitting him with his typical attack. Kiedro attacks and misses the guard between us, and gets out of the net. The mage runs out of the building and down the alley, getting away. While Thorus misses the last remaining guard, who then hits me, while Fenris strengthens his resolve, and attempts to free himself from the net, finally getting out.

Lecarde hustles down the stairs, jumping the final 10 feet and charging the guard, knocking him into lifeless mass on the floor. We do a quick search and strip the guards, before getting out of dodge quickly

3000 exp and 200 gp



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