Shadows of Gaea

Marais D'Tarascon 11/01/09

Standing in the fields, Humans have been changed…

The party heads to the Mansion, within the front doors we encounter evil like in the fields. An fleshy living body is all that remains of someone, which proceeds to swallow Lecarde. After a grueling fight with Gruudash dropping the heroes were able to defeat them.

925 xp…....

200 g…..

After taking a short rest the party moves on to explore the rest of the mansion. Food appears to be rotten as if nothing has been living in the house for days or longer…

Within the library find a skull with leather padding and large horns. The barbarian dawns this item with glee.

115g whith random searches.

5 pieces of licorice and 1 seperate, near a puddle of blood, a hint to a riddle with much more meaning.



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