Shadows of Gaea

Mayhem in the Merchant Quarter

We search the arena, catching our breath, and attending to the bumps and scrapes received during the battle with the dwarves.

The goblins who were fighting decided it would be safer to join us, than to try making their way out on their own, especially considering that the dwarves were still working in the smelting room.

We decided to assault the smelting room, so we can investigate the elevator more closely.

Kiedro decided to enter through the side door, placing himself between the room, and the warded door, while the rest of us sneak our way into position.

Spencer starts the attack, rushing in and dropping two of the workers. Hearing the attack, kiedro opens the side door, attacking the enlarged dwarf working the smelter, shutting the door after the attack. As expected, the dwarf decided to lock the door, preventing kiedro from attacking him again.

I charge the other large dwarf, who was able to deflect my blow. He retaliated with viscious blow, that took me a bit by surprise. The two remaining dwarves show themselves to be spell casters, as they rain fire down on us. I was able to evade the blast, though Spencer wasn’t as lucky, getting knocked on his ass from he blast.

One of the miners tries throws some molten metal at me, but I was quick enough with the shield to block the attack. Lecard retalliates, sending forth locusts, who swarm the miner, taking him down.

I slam my shield into the large dwarf I have engaged, knocking him over, while the other one clobbers Spencer with his hammer. The one I knocked down gets up, a handful of molten metal, I was too close to avoid this attack.

The goblins get burned to a crisp as the spell flingers rain more fire down on us. Kiedro finally makes his way back around, he and Spencer are then able to unleash their fury on the remaining dwarves, we make short work of the remaining, concentrating first on the casters. (1200 exp)

We climb down the elevator, finding a forge area below, but are unable to get through the metal cage of the elevator. Lorthandril figured out that the elevator is operated by the inate magic within the dwarves, they enlarge he large stone used as a counter weight to raise the elevator, and then shrink it to lower it again. we decide to disable the elevator, in hopes of preventing anyone from flanking us, first trying to pour molten metal on it, finally just having Kiedro sever the chain with his axe.

Lecarde sneaks up to the warded door, which see is slightly adjar, finding the merchant quarter beyond. He sees several dwarven guards, all mounted on spiders guarding the room.

Lecarde decides to turn himself into one of the riding spiders, to lure a couple of the guards out, into an ambush. It was working, but once they went through the doors they became suspicious, and were turning back, until Lorthandril turned himself into one of them. I have no idea how the hell he accomplished this, it must be another power of the mushroom that granted him the ability to understand and speak their language.

I decided to try playing dead, with Lecarde pretending to feed on me. I wasn’t able to pull off my deception, but it gave us the opportunity we needed to surround them. Spencer drops he first spider, momentarily trapping the rider under its bulk. Lorthandril pulls the next spider to my side, though it decides to jump at Kiedro, hitting him squarely.

Two other guards approach the door, seeing the battle, decide to close the door, and alret the other guards, and call for reinforcements. Spencer finishes off the last spider, who also traps his rider, making him an easy target to finish of. (800 exp)

we grit our teeth, as we are left but one choice, and that is through the warded double doors. This is going to be ugly, trying a direct assault against a ready and reinforced enemy. We enter the double doors, as we enter, the horns blare, and the guards say to kill all non-Deurgar, and proceeds to smash in the skull of he nearest merchant, sending the other into a panic.

we have two forces approaching us from each side, each led by one of the commanders, with several foot soldiers in tow. we decide to concentrate first on the group from the left. Lecard moves to intercept the group from the right, blasting them with a spell that is designed to hinder their movement, dropping several of the foot soldiers.

I move to engage the group on the left, charging the commander. One of the spider guards leaps to my side, catching me off guard, knocing me down to the lower level 30 feet below. Some how I am able to keep my senses, and land on my feet. Another spider then jumps at Lecarde, cutting him off from the rest of the group.

Spencer works through the spider that had knocked me down, while I move to assist Sterla against the guards who are killing the merchants. These guards are pretty green, they seem capable until they actually take a hit, and then their over confidence disappears.

Cut off and flanked, Lecarde takes a severe beating, between the commander and the spider rider, he would be dead were it not for Thorius’ healing, keeping him standing. He manages to kill the spider who had cut him off, and makes his way to the safety of the group. Spencer also finishes off his spider, trapping its rider.

The last remaining rider bangs the gong and calls for Commander Welfast.

Another guard comes at me, getting too close to Sterla’s beetle, who bited off its head. Spencer and Lecard finish off the rest of the foot soldiers. Lecarde droping the troop leader and rider that came from the left, with a well time spray of thorns.

Commander Welfast calls forth four priests to assit him in the fight, after magically closing and warding the doors with a mighty smash of his axe on the floor.

Sterla’s beetle dispatches another guard who was trying to flank me, as I dispose of the final guard on the floor, and Lecard drops the troop commander that came from the right.

We regroup and decide how best to engage Welfast and his priests.



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